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Staxel – A new journey begins, by Plukit

Staxel is the new game by Plukit and convinced with a great gametype. You can build like Minecraft, farm like in HarvestMoon and make friends with the villagers like in StardewValley. The world is really big and just waits to be explored by you and some brave friends. You can do this on your own server by GPORTAL.

Attention hobby farmers!

Are you ready to run your farm? You loved the game StardewValley? You start with nearly nothing and can build up a smoothly, running farm. Buy some seeds, some animals and tools and get started. Are you a cat or dog person? You can choose you own pet. On your own GPORTAL Staxel server you will be able to do anything. There a plenty of combinations to create your character.

Village Life

No worries, you won't be alone in the world of Staxel. Once you step in the city you will get to know nice NPCs with lots of quests and trades. Build up some friendships and care for them. They will show their appreciation. You don't like the look of the city? Rebuild it! Collect the materials like in minecraft and start building up new stuff.


4.7 / 5
137 reviews