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SCUM - The new promising multiplayer-survival game

A cruel TV reality show takes you as a prisoner to a desert island. There you have to fight for your life - for the fun of the audience. The new game from Gamepires and Devolver Digital promises a lot. Customize your character with numerous options according to your wishes.

Survival 2.0

In SCUM you do not just have to drink and eat. You have to deal with your character, know what it needs and keep your values in view. You should train your character, nourish yourself healthy and balanced. Otherwise, you may be at risk of long illnesses, obesity and some other disadvantages against fit and healthy opponents.

The graphics of SCUM

The graphics of this game deserve a commendation. The game uses the Unreal Engine and the developers have done a masterpiece. The game has a unique atmosphere and you will be able to empathize with yourself quickly in the game. But always pay attention to what happens behind you. Your opponents are waiting.

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4.7 / 5
137 reviews