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PixARK Server hosting

  • 10-70 slots
  • official PixARK server
  • instantly online
  • easy administration
  • DdoS Protection by Corero
  • Live Support via Ticket, Forum and E-Mail
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Rent you own PixARK server

PixARK – ARK and Minecraft?

Discover the new survival game from Snail Games USA. You can create your own character, build a house or a fortress, tame dinosaurs or learn to use magic. Your creativity has no limits. On your own GPORTAL server, you can set the world and the settings like you want. You are not forced to play alone, just let your friends join your PixARK.

The new and interesting adventure

Not only do you have to build in PixARK, but NPCs also have tasks and great rewards for you. Some are really hard and you will need the help of your friends. That's no problem: Meet on your GPORTAL server and fight your way through PixARK.

PixARK in the Gamecloud by

Rent your PixARK-Server within a few minutes in the Gamecloud by No contract, no hidden fees, no surprises. You can choose the slots and the rental period. Charge your credit and rent your server 100% prepaid. Set your settings in the webinterface, which is simple and easy to use. That is how server hosting works today!