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Insurgency:Sandstorm server hosting

  • 10 - 32 Slots
  • Immediately online
  • DDoS Protection by Corero
  • Live Support via Ticket, Forum and E-Mail
  • Ful Webinterface-access
  • Very easy to administrate
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Rent your own Insurgency:Sandstorm-Server

The wait is over - Insurgency:Sandstorm is released!

A new engine and stunning graphics - the fans of Insurgency will get their money's worth. You're right in the Middle East and fighting your enemies in the desert. Will your tactics be better than those of your opponents?

The principle

Insurgency: Sandstorm is a first-person shooter, providing fun and games for friends of this genre. Team up with your friends or fight against them. Complete missions on foot or in vehicles. On your own GPORTAL server you can set the rules and welcome new players in your community.

Your personalized character

Your char is too boring? Adjust it completely. Change gear, weapon skins, suits, and more. Equip your character with helpful skills to get the most out of it. Your friends need you and your skills infight. Rent your server at GPORTAL and starting fighting today.

Rent your own Insurgency:Sandstorm-Server

The servers are 100% prepaid, no contract, no liabilities, no hidden costs, flexible in slots and runtime. Charge your account, choose your renting period (30, 90, 180 or 365 days), let the server install and start playing. GPORTAL relies on state-of-the-art server systems with the highest single-core performance for our servers.Invite your friends to join the dessert of Insurgency:Sandstorm on your GPORTAL server.


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120 reviews