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Heat server hosting

  • 32 players
  • Easy to administrate
  • Official Heat server
  • DDos protection by Corero
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The wild west is calling for you

The creators of Reign of Kings are releasing Heat, a game of a special kind. The game combines building, farming, gardening, social interaction, and the brutal battle of guilds.

Heat - You, as president of a whole nation

As a ruler, you can set taxes, let NPCs work for you, and manage the entire economy. Will you be a fair ruler on your GPORTAL server? Or will you only enjoy your wealth? In addition, you can continue to post to your friends to help you rule. Sheriffs, Chief or Goveneur - it's your choice. Find it out today and rent your GPORTAL server!

Special features of the game - you will be amazed

Heat has a game in play. You can start a family in Heat and take care of your own offspring. If you do this job well, your offspring will grow up and, when they grow up, can actively support your guild in combat. But be warned. Protecting a family in the Wild West is not easy. Build defense, upgrade your abilities, and guide your guild through all dangers.

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