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ECO server - an adventurous ecosystem simulation

ECO Global Survival published by Loop Games, creates a completly new experience in the survival mode. ECO simulates a complete planetary ecosystem. The player has to reconcile the whole nature, so creating a constant balance. This innovative idea with an awesome game mechanic will inspire every ambitious survival lover for a long time.

Your game experience in ECO

You will play as a normal human and collects materials. You must collaborate to build a civilisation and keep an eye on saving the nature, not wasting resources. Every action you make affects the other species. Sometimes you have to act fast and it could get very exciting. In other moments you can just concentrate on building things or enjoying the nature, which you influence.

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Renting a server is really easy. Just charge your credit (PayPal or Creditcard), choose the slots and the renting time (3 days, 30 days or 90 days), create your server and start playing. With a rented server, you can invite your friends to join you. Our servers are 100% prepaid, no contracts or secret costs. Rent a server at GPORTAL, where you can set the settings you would like to use. Just visit the webinterface on our page: it is very easy to use. Full flexibility and immediately online. That is the GPORTAL server.


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