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Conan Exiles server hosting (XBOX)

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  • 20+ players
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Rent fast Conan Exiles XBOX Servers

Conan Exiles on the XBOX

Survival Game inspire the masses. Conan Exiles is one of the best representatives of this genre. Create your own character and fight in the world of Conan. It will not be easy, because many dangers lurk. Play games with your friends on your GPORTAL server

Be creative on your own GPORTAL Server for Conan Exiles

Your creativity knows no limits. Would you like to live in a small house or a large castle? Build the base of your dreams in Conan Exiles on the XBOX and protect yourself against your opponents. Collect numerous resources and use them for the crafting system

You own Conan Exiles XBOX server by GPORTAL

Choose the slots and the runtime (at least 20 slots, 30 or 90 days), pay with a Microsoft transaction and start your server. You can invite your friends directly to play. You can expect no contract, full flexibility and lots of fun in Conan Exiles on the XBOX on your GPORTAL server.


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