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Conan Exiles hosting (PS4)

  • 10-70 slots
  • Server from the official Conan Exiles partner
  • Webinterface for administrating the server
  • DDos-protection
  • Activated directly
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Rent your own Conan Exiles server for PS4

Conan Exiles - Now on the PS4

In Conan Exiles, you must fight for your lives. This excellent survival game is finally released on the PlayStation 4. Invite your friends to your own GPORTAL server to help you dominating this babaric wasteland. Only the strongest will survive. Bloodthirsty cannibals and wild monsters are waiting for you. Will you manage to survive?

A sophisticated crafting and skill system

In Conan Exiles you can collect hundreds of materials and use them for crafting powerful armor and even your own fortress. You will need a base to protect yourself against the hot weather and the wild monsters. In your base you can build shirnes and choose religions, worship the gods, offer them offerings and - If you have proved yourself worthy - use their destructive power to wipe out your enemies.

Your own server at GPORTAL

Here you have the possibility to rent your own server. Adjust the settings like you want to. You can set a password, that only you and your friends can fight against the cruel world in Conan Exiles. Rent your server (30,90 or 365 days), choose the slotnumber and pay easily with paypal or credit card. No hidden costs, no contract. Our high-performance game servers offer you a great gaming experience and leave nothing to be desired. Rent your server at GPORTAL today and start playing immediately!


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