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Atlas server hosting

  • 10+ slots
  • You are buying an Atlas Cluster, that has a minimum of one master server
  • The amount of possible expansion servers depends on the slot amount of the cluster
  • Each server unlocks one part of the map. For a 2x2 map 4 servers are needed.
  • Full Webinterface access
  • Live Support via Ticket, Forum and E-Mail
  • DDoS Protection by Corero
  • This is A PC server, and not for Xbox
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Rent your own Atlas server

Studio Wildcard sails into new worlds

The pirate MMO Atlas is ready to be released. You and your teammates can visit and explore a huge island world. Quests and epic battles make the game varied and captivating. Pre-order your server at GPORTAL today. The new Ark cluster technology enables to link one master server with a maximum of 15 expansion servers to increase the map size. Upon adding expansion servers, the slots amounts will be distributed evenly among the servers.

Sail around the world and face the dangers

You can build your own ships with your friends and customize them to your liking. These ships need of course an energetic team. Hire your friends or numerous NPCs. Your journey will be yours put many dangers, in the forum of sea monsters, other players and much more in the way. On your GPORTAL server, You can ally and defy these dangers.

The MMO of the top class?

In order for your character to benefit the team, they can be individually skilled. Your skills will bring you victory in battle. In order to win against the enemies, even entire areas can be occupied. To make it even more interesting, Wildcard delivers an Atlas DevKit. This can be used to create mods and entire worlds.

Get your own pirate world on your Atlas-Server by GPORTAL

No binding contract, no hidden fees, no surprises. Charge your account, choose your renting period (30, 90, 180 or 365 days), let the server install and start playing. You are not bound to a unique game. If you want to change the game, feel free to do so. Invite your friends to join the epic sea fights in Atlas.


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