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Astroneer server hosting (PC)

  • 8 Slots
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Astroneer - Discover the limits of space

Undiscovered planets and moons await you!

The exploration sandbox game Astroneer gives you the opportunity to discover distant planets and moons. The game is set in the 25th century during the intergalactic age of discoveries. As you explore and exploit different planets, you risk your own life as a player in the rough, inhuman environment. But you are not alone. On your adventure, you will be accompanied by a deformation tool that allows you to make changes to the terrain and collect valuable resources, which you can sell or use for new tools, vehicles and other modules.

Rent your own Astroneer server

A lot of game features are waiting for you. You can explore 7 different planets, each with their own unique challenges. The terrain can be deformed using various tools to access valuable resources. To survive on the planets and moons long enough, your ingenuity is required, you alone can decide how your machines and tools are equipped, and you can make your own personal experiences. But you don't have to play alone. Astroneer is developed as a multiplayer game. Astroneer is more fun with friends. Team up with other players and work with them to build massive industrial plants together.

Get your own Astroneer server from GPORTAL

Choose the number of slots and the rental period (30 days, 90 days or 365 days), upload your GPORTAL account (Paysafecard, Paypal or credit card), get your server and enter the different planets. 100% prepaid, 0% contract and fully flexible in slots and terms. Start your expedition, and invite your friends to your server.


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